What are cookies?

Cookies are widely-used, small text files stored on a visitor's computer. They are designed to hold small amounts of data about the visitor for a variety of purposes including analysis of visitor behaviour, managing shopping carts and logging in to protected areas.

How does this site use cookies?

There are two types of cookies used on this web site. The first is those which are strictly necessary to enable you to use this web site and browse between pages. The second type of cookies used is for tracking visitor statistics and advertising campaigns. We do not sell any of the information collected in our cookies or pass any of the information on to third-parties.

Strictly necessary cookies

Some cookies are necessary for this site to function correctly. These cookies can not be disabled. We store one session cookie which allows us to identify you as a user while browsing the site. We also store a compliance cookie which allows us to maintain your setting choices.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies are used for tracking visitor statistics and advertising campaigns. We will only use this data to improve the quality of services provided by this site. Specifically this site uses . These cookies can be disabled.

Change settings

If you wish to opt-out of receiving performance cookies please disable them with the options shown below.

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